Before I commence to share my knowledge and experience on this, I want to let you know that I am not really a highly learned individual, nor am I a reincarnation of those beings who’s limitless wisdom throughout many lifetimes. This disclaimer is very important, considering that the article is about the genuine you, but not someone who you’d want to get. In world, the scholars and pundits preach that, you should NEVER show your weakness or admit you do not know. They think it is as a weakness so you are setting yourself up for any failure right from the start. But that’s different inside the philosophy that I practice. In my case, i was always taught to give yourself as inferior to a higher person (perception isn’t reality), to demonstrate respect to every one beings, to master as much as it is possible to to be better, so you are able to help limitless sentient beings. The danger of acting just like you know everything, is always that some these days will take it beyond the boundary and stop learning. That’s when it could possibly become a tragedy. When reality sink in, and they also realize that they may be no greater than the next person, or that they can aren’t in demand by others, chances are they resort to unimaginable things, a discussion for the next topic. So we need for being honest with ourselves and turn into who we’re also, to discover happiness.

So who am I and what is it that I’d like to give you? I am a straightforward person similar to your friends, who just happened to train love, compassion, tolerance, un-attachment and contentment inside my everyday life, to reside in a simple, happy, along with a contented life. Over the past 4 decades, I have learned that you follow and practice those principles; while making mistakes, and correcting them. The goal is always to become a little bit smarter, happier, plus more compassionate around my everyday life. I still make “unintentional” mistakes from time to time, but doing my far better to correct them, with remorse, and try to never repeat them again. It’s like climbing a ladder of truth, without supervision. This is the reasons for seeking happiness. You need to become you, and you also need for being honest with ourselves. If you are able to’t achieve that, then you need to become a good actor to deceive yourself, and folks around you; and constantly function as the person that you truly aren’t. That’s a very difficult job. It’s just just a few time. Either you’ll fail advertising someday or someone will expose the genuine you and the important truth. Then as opposed to finding happiness, you build your own sorrow.

So what should you do, when pain and suffering strikes? How can you be you, yet still tackle suffering in order to find happiness? How can you find happiness without pretending to get someone else? We know the perfect thing to do in these situation is always to resolve to external things, beauty, and pleasure. But those are common temporary fixes to your non-temporary situation. Some advice others to renounce themselves, and undertake another life, another name, and stay someone else to get happiness. Some practice it voluntarily to exit the self behind and be a completely different identity, using the hope that they can’ll leave the sorrow and pain behind likewise. This is extremely dangerous. If my friend was which has a difficult time in everyday life, I wouldn’t suggest him to improve his name to Bill Gates, and become Bill Gates, try that you follow some religion or faith, and work like that is the savior. It’s a just crazy path that you simply lead someone into. Out of one million people who follow such advice, only 10 individuals comes out on lack of a little happier plus much more knowledgeable when controlling suffering. Rest of the 999,990 will fail in these conversion and acting. This will cause many devastating results. You may lose your household, friends, career and also your precious time in your life pretending for being someone else. Worst case scenario, once you come back to the certainty, are you able to handle the truth of life again? Reality of life’s Joy, Suffering, Happiness, and Pain. It’s component of life. There’s no escaping from that. All that glitters is just not gold. You may see and envy people in power or individuals with money living a luxurious life. All you see is what’s on the outside of. You do not see their mental stress and problems. They go over the exact same joy, happiness, pain, and suffering in their lives and their loved ones’s lives when we do. You need to be aware of that. So you’ll be able to’t be envious of other’s glamour on Instagram or on TV. In most cases, itrrrs this that they wanted you to see. Who from the world will showcase their loved ones, business, and career problems on Instagram and TV? No one will make it happen. But all of us have these own issues in a form or other. So there is no point in envying them, renouncing your lifetime for another individual’s. It won’t enable you to get the eternal happiness.

So then how could you find the true happiness since they can be who you are? To practice this, first you need to come to terms with the fact of life. Reality of life just isn’t all happiness and all of fun, as previously mentioned. It also contains the negative side for it, which can be pain and sorrow. After we accept the veracity of life, only then do we need to discover out how to prevent them, accompanied by how to deal with them while they come or arise. A lot of our complaints are self-made. Of course individuals who cannot accept such statement will usually find others critical to the problems they “unintentionally” created from the first place. Let’s take a straightforward example of stress in a business world. For a sales guy, stress in operation is usually a reaction to not experienceing the sales goals. Now the goals are set by us, humans. So you see where it’s going? This is closely tied with the inability as being a society to understand and rehearse contentment. In most cases, should you have made a decent profit running a business, you shall celebrate. Now, as a result of our greed, we set high sales goals, and each day individuals life, if we don’t make that goal, we become sad and stressed. In all nowadays, the organization is making profit, and will still function. But the only reason we have been not satisfied could be because of the high bar we designed for ourselves. So such is a fairly easy example of how our stress and troubles are created. This is why I say that almost all of our stresses and issues are man-made or self-made. Now when such stress keep on a daily basis, the sales rep will go home and show this unhappy attitude at your home to wife and children at the same time. In process, he’s driving them to all miserable. And is all attributable to the human greed and never practicing contentment. There is a legitimate reason behind us to feel sad, and that is whenever we don’t succeed operating. This means, once the business just isn’t making profit, its a legitimate cause for concern. In such problem, there are many solutions, which you can talk about another time. But in this particular example, the cause individuals self-made stress is greed and our inability to train contentment.

There a wide range of more demonstration of these problems we create for ourselves in this daily lives, in a range of professions. But today I just planned to focus on finding happiness because they are true to yourself and accepting the realities of life first. Always remember that the real key to happiness will not be located anywhere else from the world, however in your own heart. Sometimes we think money solves problems. No, keep in mind that. Money brings temporary relief in many practical cases, but the issues of life it is with us. So we need to get true to ourselves, in this abilities, and more importantly, we should instead always find methods to better ourselves, so we are able to understand the true causes in our problems, therefore we strive to seek out solutions to each of them.

May my observations and experiences assist you in finding and identifying the reasons behind your various stresses and coping with them within the most appropriate manner. Everything needs time to work. So overcome your mistake, and try to never make the same mistake again, that may eliminate one problem and stress each time.