Wedding and Engagement Rings


Based from historical records, the development of wedding and wedding rings can be credited to Pope Innocent III. It was him who insisted that there really should be a waiting period between engagement and marriage. As both these events were regarded as contracts, these rings were chosen as attestations to legally seal the deals. Before the 13th century, Europeans only utilize engagement ring as tokens, although history of diamond engagement rings are more ancient.

Accordingly, about 6000 years ago, the Egyptians already used reed or hemp rings like a sign of eternity because the shape of a circle doesn’t have any beginning with no end. During those periods, they typically did not give increased exposure of gem cut types just like the princess cut around we give importance to such feature today. During the biblical times, great dowry gifts ingested in the betrothal of couples. It was therefore assumed that rings, specially those that are regarded as precious metals, were substituted for expensive dowries.

During the reign of Romans, rings were utilized as deal attestations and connotation of ownership. Gold rings were accessible the by using high ranking officials, while iron rings were presented for the used of ordinary citizens. The latter rings were compared to the large iron rings that be key holders from the household. Hence, it is inferred that in case an ordinary Roman groom gave his bride-to-be an iron marriage ring, he was giving her the true secret to his house and was giving her usage of all his material goods.

It was during 16th century England in the event the wedding ring was officially moved on the right ring hand on the left hand. It was assumed that such change was over in order to show a women her place inside the society, considering that the right hand was identified as the hand of power. Accordingly, even as are all aware of, the arena is placed within the third hand from the left finger given it was figured such finger for the left hand is how the vein of love often known as vena amoris can be found; hence, because the ring signifies love, it absolutely was only appropriate to set it about the finger that is certainly directly linked to the heart. Today, wedding and diamond engagement rings are both widely worn about the left hand; however, there are a few countries that traditionally wear their diamond engagement rings on the right hand like Poland and Ukraine.

For Puritans, rings were symbols of heathen so they would not used it with regards to wedding ceremonies; instead they generate use of marriage thimbles to seal their wedding vows. It was the Victorians who practically embraced the use of engagement rings and embellished all of them flowers and twin hearts. On the other end on the spectrum, the Edwardians embellished their rings with leaves as well as other ornamental arts, which inturn paved way to the rise of art deco rings. It was then that the utilization of gemstones were integrated on rings, plus more likely using stone cut types such since the princess cut and emerald cut had truly began.

Wedding and wedding rings were first worn by men during World War II. It was the soldiers going off and away to war who first made a decision to wear these rings so as to remember their wives or partners back. Currently, weddings are also viewed as double ring ceremonies. That is, the bride plus the groom wear engagement rings in order to show their commitment and adoration for each other, even though use of diamond engagement ring is still accessible women.

Wedding and wedding rings are symbols of love which were designed to last forever. However, history has it that before these rings were viewed as such, these were first used as attestation of contract deals together with insignias of societal position. The marriage ring we understand today features a truly rich history, together with the gem stone cut types that people admire such since the princess cut or any form of cut even.

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